The AIDs Epidemic Taken On by EOS Lip Balm

If you visit a Target store or go online shopping at Target, you may notice a lovely bright red EOS lip balm in the beauty section amongst the various winter collection lip balm options. The bright red lip balm has a lipstick symbol on the side of it with (Red) written beside it. The flavor of this particular lip balm is Pomegranate Raspberry. The lip balm is a special exclusive that is only available from Target stores. The lip balm is a partnership that EOS lip balm has with the (Red) organization. The (Red) organization raises money for the fight against AIDs. EOS opted to help out with this issue with their exclusive lip balm because of the need to end to AIDs epidemic. Their goal is to help end AIDs in our lifetimes.

The EOS lip balm company is happy to help end AIDs in our lifetimes. They hope that their lip balm will help to inspire EOS customers to be more good and charitable toward more than one cause besides just the fight to end AIDs. EOS is also involved with other positive causes, such as their recycling inititives to help keep the planet clean. They hope to inspire their consumers to recycle.

The EOS (Red) Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm is expected to raise approximately $100,000 in donations. The lip balm is certified organic and made from 100% natural ingredients. It is not tested on animals. The product is 100% gluten free. You can shop for your own exclusive (Red) Pomegranate lip balm at your local Target store or the online Target store.