Spring Time With Lime Crime!

Spring has finally been poking it’s head out after a long, cold winter and with the spring comes the beauty of the season! Beauty is always a popular subject but it’s even more fun when the most beautiful colors and spring trends start to happen. A lot of people are wearing and seeking out these spring time beauty trends. From concerts and festivals to magazines and instashots, you will start to see all the spring beauty!

I know there are a lot of people out there wondering how they can get into all of the spring beauty fun and would love to know what to wear or what colors to choose.

Inspiration is found all over! All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled and your mind open! Everyone has their own personal fashion preferences so take your own and start with that!

Makeup can be fun, inspiring, and a huge part of your style this spring. The popular, well known makeup line ‘Lime Crime’ is a great go-to makeup line for the Spring! It’s not only a great trendy option but their products offer cruelty free makeup! Lime Crime has a lot to offer as well as some great tips to get that perfect Spring look that’s just right for you!

Tip Number One


A highlighter is a makeup product that brings attention to the most beautiful parts of your face that you would love to show off and make ‘glow” It is a product that when the sun hits your face, you look like a naturally radiant angel. You can get highlighters in powder or a stick form. Lime Crime has an amazing highlighter pallet that will make you look like a glow goddess. There are a few options in the pallet so you have a good amount of choices to choose from! Make sure to hit them cheekbones, the tip of your nose or anywhere else you want to give yourself a lovely highlighted look!

Tip Two

The Perfect-Purple spring color!!!

Lime Crime has managed to take the perfect Spring color and turn it into a perfect makeup pallet! Everyone knows that purple is very fun and very Spring! There are so many different ways to wear it and this pallet blends all the right colors and shades for this lovely color. You can’t go wrong with this trendy spring color!

Lime Crime is definitely the go to makeup line for this year’s spring time look! With it a trendy colors and pallets you will always be keeping up with the latest spring trends!!