Film Careers With Purpose: Thor Halvorssen’s Career

Many people who decide to be a filmmaker do so for many different reasons. Some people want to be famous. Others want to tell good stories. Then there are some who want to use film in order to influence the world. Thor Halvorssen is one of those people who want to make films that influence the world and take it in a direction that is more harmonious. One thing that he understands about people and entertainment is that what they see in the media does have a lot of influence on their behavior. Therefore, he is working on ways to bring that influence towards something positive.

Thor Halvorssen is very passionate about human rights. As a matter of fact, he has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of fighting for the rights of others. He is aware of many different countries that are run a lot differently than the more free countries. There are a lot of underdeveloped countries where people are living in horrific conditions. The dictatorship in those countries often take away the humanity of those that are suffering. What is even sadder is that a lot of people are born into this. Therefore, they have no idea that there is a better life.

Given his connections and involvement in the film industry, he has celebrities that are involved in the fight for human rights. Thor himself travels to different countries that are in violation of human rights. He works as an activist with the intention of getting rid of authoritarian rule. He has also shown that he is willing to sacrifice his life in order to make a difference. He understands that any forms of punishment he takes is nothing compared to what the people in these countries go through on a daily basis.

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A Look At The Educational Background Of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

The Training Of Dr. Jennifer Walden As A Plastic Surgeon


Jennifer Walden is a native of Texas. She was born and raised in the Texas capital of Austin. After she graduated Anderson High School in Austin, Jennifer Walden enrolled at her hometown university. This was the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her pre-med program there. Her major at the University of Texas at Austin was a bachelor of art degree in biology.


Having completed her pre-med studies in Austin, Jennifer Walden next went to study at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She successfully completed her medical studies there and graduated as a salutatorian with a medical doctorate degree. Jennifer also completed an externship program at a plastic surgery practice in Miami, Florida while she was a medical student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.


Having obtained the title and recognition of being a medical doctor, Dr. Jennifer Walden then went on to complete a five year residency in plastic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which she had recently graduated from. After completing her residency in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden was invited to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York City on a fellowship. She worked there on a fellowship for about a year.


After her fellowship expired, Dr. Jennifer Walden went to work at a local plastic surgery clinic called Aston Plastic Surgery. There she worked under Dr. Sherrell Aston, who is considered to be a world renowned plastic surgeon. Mrs. Walden would work at Aston Plastic Surgery for seven and a half years before deciding to pack up and head back to Texas. While working as a plastic surgeon associate alongside Dr. Aston, Jennifer Waldon was also the aesthetic surgery program director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.


Settling back in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden opened up her own plastic surgery practice. Her practice is located at 5656 Bee Cave Road. Suite E201 in Austin, Texas 78746. You can reach her office by calling 512.328.4100. Dr. Walden also performs plastic surgery operations in other locations such as the Bella Medical Spa and the Memorial Surgery Center.


Sajwani, Trump: Clash of the Titans

Billionaire Hussein Sajwani is making waves with his company DAMAC Properties and its continuous real estate reign. Although he has been making a series of power moves that have landed him at the top of the industry, including a blossoming partnership with Donald Trump, how Sajwani earned his initial fortune was a far cry from his real estate domination. In the 1980’s, Sajwani made a name for himself in the food industry, offering catering services in Abu Dhabi. The food contracts that Sajwani acquired, supplying energy workers and the US Army during operation Desert Storm, proved to be very lucrative, but Sajwani had his sights on bigger opportunities. He quickly realized that his maximum earning potential in the catering industry would not allow for him to reach the next level; that of a billionaire.

DAMAC Properties has worked with a myriad of companies that have proved exceptionally profitable. Founded in 2002, Hussein Sajwani’s company is mostly associated with luxury real estate cultivation, specializing in several levels of development, including commercial and residential properties. DAMAC Properties is located in Dubai and while they are highly successful regarding real estate development, the company also makes investments in real estate projects. Because non-citizens are allowed to purchase property in Dubai, there was an influx of foreign customers looking to build, and with DAMAC Properties, Sajwani was able to take full advantage of the opportunity.

While realizing his status as a real estate titan, Sajwani developed several high-profile business relationships, most recently connecting with Donald Trump. The Trump International Golf Club is one of Sajwani and Trump’s most successful joint ventures, accruing billions in sales. Sajwani addressed the prospect of continuing his partnership with Donald Trump amid questions concerning Trump’s political obligations as President of the United States. He implicated that his relationship with the Trumps extended beyond Donald, alluding to the possibility of future collaborative endeavors between the two parties. While Hussein Sajwani still owns the food company that set the foundation for his empire, today he continues to build upon his resume as a real estate powerhouse.

Will making land reports accessible eradicate title defects?

The real estate market, over the last few years, has become increasingly concerned with the problems caused by title defects. Such problems include wrongful foreclosures, and stagnation of asset transition in the secondary market. To achieve clear title conveyance, NTC is moving to revise property records, since it believes that this could minimize this menace.

The service provider for financial and mortgage industries has revamped its website. The updated version allows property owners to access documents that NTC considers crucial during title conveyance. They include:

– Current Owner Report

– Tax Status Report

– Assignment Verification Report Services

– Tax Status (Plus) Report

The reports listed above have been made available so that owners can verify whether they can be legitimately viable during title conveyance. The owners have the responsibility to check for the following requirements in the documents:

– Do the wordings comply with standards set by the area that the real estate is in?

– Have all signatures that are important for title conveyance, such as your spouse’s signature, been appended on the reports?

– Were the correct filing and recording procedures followed as the reports were being recorded?

– Have the errors that had previously been noted removed?

Such are the things that could cause title defects. NTC hopes that, by making the reports available, property owners will make connections wherever needed.

The CEO of NTC, John Hillman, states that this is another move to improve the firm’s service delivery. Hillman emphasizes that their property report can be accessed by any residential property in the country. This will bring them closer to their goal, which has been to make the process of securing the reports fast and simple.

NTC is known to produce accurately processed documents, as the information they get from their research, mostly from the counties, are reliable.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

NTC is a post-closing service provider that has ventured into the residential mortgage industry to offer professional document processing services. With over 80% of renowned property owners under the company, it is the biggest firm of its kind in the country. Its CEO, John Hillman, attributes NTC’s success to its accurate research services, and advanced document processing that meets client requirements.

The company, through its CEO, recently opened another branch in Dallas, the first ever establishment apart from the main facility in Florida. Based in Dallas, Texas, the new facility will serve as a disaster recovery center, with full infrastructure that supports data backup. Hillman stressed the importance of the Dallas establishment, mentioning that it was important for their customers to believe in them, even in the case that anything disrupts regular flow of services in the main offices.


Nationwide Title Clearing Is A Perfect Service For Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate attorneys spend quite a lot of time at the closing table ensuring all the information for a sale is present, and they require a clear title if they are to do their jobs properly. They have an ethical responsibility to the client, and they cannot complete a sale unless they have a clear title that may be transferred. This article explains how the team at Nationwide Title Clearing ensures their clients have clean titles to work with.


#1: What Is A Clear Title?


A clean title offers the name of the current owner, and it does not have misspellings or inaccurate information. The titles are recorded by the staff in a records office, and they will not check the titles closely as they work with them every day. The staff at Nationwide will check the titles to ensure they say what they should. They may clear the title if needed, and they will offer an explanation to the customer.


#2: How Is A Title Cleared?


The title is cleared with documents explaining why it must be changed. There are quite a few reasons someone who is clearing a title did not see the initial change, and they will offer the paperwork that allows for a change. They share why the title must be changed, and they complete the application for a change on their own time. The customer need not go through the process without knowing home, and the staff member at Nationwide doing the work offers quite a lot of expertise in the area. They know how to move quickly while completing multiple titles at once.


#3: How Do Lawyers Use The Title?


Lawyers must have a clear title for their records to ensure they were ethical in their closing of the sale. The owner may keep a clear title showing they are the new owner and the clear title is recorded where it must be. The process helps correct errors that may have occurred, and it prevents the errors from occurring again.


Nationwide Title Clearing helps clients when they order online, and they will send out any information they find out the titles they find. They may go through quite a lot of steps before the title is cleared, and they will help their clients learn what happened to see the title change. A clear title opens the door for a sale, and everyone benefits at the signing.

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The growth of AXA and the current Vice President, Vinny Parascandola

Planning for one’s retirement is one of the smartest moves one can make. Whether you will do it as an individual or for a business, it is important to enlist the help of reliable partners in the process. This is where competent companies like AXA advisors come in to help. They have been in operation for the last 200 years and they have even been listed as one of the most powerful trans-nationals in the country. They are a component of the Euro Stoxx50 Stock market and have a strong presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, The Middle East and also Africa.

How the name AXA came to be

When the company was founded in 1816, it went under the name of the Ancienne Mutuelle. A few years after the establishment of the company, they acquired Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie and changed their name to Mutuelles Unies. The company also acquired the Druout group and later changed their name to AXA. They have acquired many other insurance companies during the time that they have been in operation including the Sun&Life and Provincial Holdings, the Guardian Royal exchange and UAP insurance. Last year, the company announced that they would be stopping their investment in Tobacco shares and allowing their entire portfolio in goods that are related to tobacco to run off.

The reason behind the name AXA wasn’t to create an acronym. The name was simply chosen because it is easy to pronounce in any language. The name was also strategically chosen because from the start, they knew that they wanted to be an international brand and needed a quick to pronounce name.

About Vinny Parascandola

Vinny Parascandola is the current vice president of AXA. He has been working with AXA advisors since 2004 and has more than 25 years of experience in the financial and investment industry. He started off his career as a rookie in 1987 where he was named the National Rookie of the Year while working with Prudential.

Vincent is greatly recognized for his leadership and has won many awards for his exemplary performance. He is widely sought for as a speaker and gives many motivational talks on investing and wealth management. For more information on him, refer to his Linked In and WalletHub profile.


David Osio Presides the Deployment of a New Application into the Real Estate Market

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has always been keen on developing solutions and products that help its clients accomplish their business and personal goals. The company has developed several apps meant to speed up real estate transactions. In mid-2016, the firm released a statement to its customers announcing the introduction of Davos CAP Calculator, a cutting-edge mobile app. After identifying a real estate property or investment of interest, clients will use this app to calculate the amount of returns they should expect.


Davos CAP Calculator


Gerard Gonzalez, who is the executive principal of Davos REG, worked hand-in-hand with app design firm, Tecknolution, on the development of Davos Calculator. The designing and development process took six months. This useful tool will allow real estate investors to make intelligent investments. They will calculate the returns to expect from properties before investing their money on it.


Davos REG used modern technology to develop the app, which operates efficiently on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. Gonzalez confirmed that the company would deploy to the market a series of unique real estate tools that will permit investors to use their phone to identify properties and share historical reports with their agents at Davos REG via an interactive chat.


David Osio’s remarks


Osio praised the Davos REG’s team of experts for their exceptional record of achievements. He said the new app meets Davos Financial Group’s business objective of guiding clients when making real estate investments in the United States. Investors will acquire ideal properties by analyzing the returns of various properties available in the market.


David Osio


David Osio, the owner and managing director of Davos Financial Group, has an innate mastery of financial principles and practices across distinct sectors. Osio acquired his law degree from one of the prominent universities in Venezuela called Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. He commenced his career in law by serving as the director of Caracas-located MGO Law Company. His duty was to offer litigation services and legal advice to corporate clients.


David Osio is a holder of an advanced degree in Banking and Portfolio Management. He has taken advantage of his in-depth financial knowledge and legal expertise to rise through ranks in the Banco Latino International of Miami. He formed Davos Financial Group in 1993 after choosing to become independent. Davos Financial Group through its independent and certified firms that operate in different strategic cities maintains agreements with prominent banks. It offers professional advice on risk analysis, asset allocation, as well as consolidated investment.

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Add Style To Hair With Straight Razors From Donald Scott NYC

There are many styling tools you can use in your salon, and this includes a straight razor from Donald Scott NYC. The straight razor is no longer a tool designed for just shaving purposes. You can use this tool to create a style that is sure to appeal to your clients.


It is best to find out what type of hair works with a straight razor before adding it to your salon. You do not want to use your razor on naturally frizzy or curly hair, and you should never use it on a client who is planning to perm her hair. You can use the razor on straight, fine, medium-textured and softly curled hair.


There are several styles that can be achieved with a straight razor, especially since you can cut the hair at different angles and lengths. A straight razor is a great tool for adding texture, shape and layers to their hair.


The DS/X4 Razor and Carving Comb Fine are just two of the straight razors you can purchase from Donald Scott NYC. Use the DS/X4 Razor to trim discrete areas, such as the eyebrows or behind the ears. You can use the Carving Comb Fine to cut, shape and add texture to their hair with ease. Be sure to use the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide with your razor.


Your clients are sure to love the beautiful style that comes from a straight razor from Donald Scott NYC.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Revolutionizes Cancer Therapies and the Aging Process in Humans

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology Professor at Roswell Park Institute of Cancer; New York. He is also a cancer scientist specialized in the aging and cancer studies. Blagosklonny is an M.D., Ph.D. graduate in Cardiology/Medicine from the Medical University; Pavlov, St. Petersburg. He was selected as a Medicine Professor at the College of Medicine; New York in 2002.

Dr. Blagoskonny was also a scientist at the O.R Institute in Albany; New York. He was confirmed in 2009 as an Oncology Professor at the prestigious Cancer Institute; Roswell Park. Dr. Blagosklonny’s research focuses on possible cancer remedies and the principal methods of growing old and anti-age medication.

Cancer Aging and Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagosklonny created a hypothesis focusing on TOR signals role in cancer and aging as well as the proposed rapamycin, an accepted cancer medicine, a promising treatment therapy for the extension of life. Blagosklonny is Chief Editor of the Aging Cell Cycle and Oncotarget as well as the Editorial Associate of Cancer Therapy and Biology. He also serves on the Cell Death Editorial Board.

Mikhail’s role at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Mikhail Blagosklonny was appointed as an Associate Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute on April 15, 2009. Misha is a paramount researcher in the development of cancer concepts in biology and therapy. His presence at Roswell Park facilitates the advancement of innovative anti-cancer stratagem and cancer treatment and prevention methods.

Blagosklonny’s Hypothesis about the Possible Role of TOR Signaling in Aging and Cancer
Aging is understood from the evolution point of view on LinkedIn. Organisms in the wild do not live long to experience aging. Therefore only in the protected environment do humans and domestic animals die from aging.

The TOR nutrient-sensing pathway is triggered by nutrients, insulin, and growth factors on Google. In turn, it increases protein synthesis, stimulates cell mass growth and, induces buildup of growth proteins, and causes resistance to insulin and GF.

In short, TOR causes cell hyper-functions to each particular tissue such as bone by soft muscle cells, and visible osteoporosis. This ultimately damages organs (aging- disaster) leading to age-related illnesses. The TOR passage is implicated in diseases like cancers, diabetes type II, age-related muscular degeneration, organ failure (liver, renal and cardiac), Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

The theory that aging isn’t motivated by the accumulation of accidental damage best explains hormesis. Category A Hormesis upsets the TOR pathway. Category B Hormesis cause damaging anxiety. Aging is not brought about by loss, but it may cause the acceptance of aging, therefore protecting humans from dangerous aging-induced disasters.

Why Bernardo Chua Is A Superstar Marketing Guru

Bernardo Chua, neutraceutical coffee guru extraordinaire, and the founder of Organo Gold, is referred to as a marketing genius and “a horse whisperer of Ganoderma-infused beverages.” Chua is a multidisciplinary marketer with a vision for innovation, and has grown Organo Gold into the 55th largest worldwide multilevel marketing organization to prove it.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Chua spent years working with and defining the benefits of Ganoderma, a Chinese herb. According to the National Institute of Health, this herb and traditional Chinese remedy has several promising health benefits, and several scientific reports support these claims.

Initially, Chua was working as President of Gano Excel, and in 2008, Chua moved on to establish one of his greatest startups — Organo Gold. Today, Bernardo Chua is a highly decorated, award winning expert with more than 20 years experience in strategic marketing, and he has led the company to exponential growth, with more than a million distributors and $800 million in revenue.

Chua’s accomplishments have been featured in a wide array of news media, including The Richmond News, the Denver Urban Spectrum, CEO Magazine, and PR Newswire. His greatest strengths have included his creativity, drive and leadership, particularly, working to expand the reach of Organo Gold. The company has divisions in more than 32 countries, bringing core products to fast-growing markets.

Chua’s Organo Gold accomplishments and his expertise caught the eye of several celebrities, including former Super Bowl Champion, and retired Denver Bronco, Rod Smith, who opened a Colorado distributorship, and boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao. Both distributors earned Super Star Achiever Awards, in addition to Rod Smith’s Top 300 Worldwide Producer Award.

In 2015, Chua was recognized with The Dangal ng Bayan Award in the Philippines for Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. Other honors include two People’s Choice Awards, and being recognized as a notable marketing and motivational speaker on industry related topics.

Undoubtedly, Chua’s leadership has helped boost the results of thousands of independent distributors worldwide. As the leader at the helm of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua is poised for continuous greatness, as well as Organo Gold.