Nick Vertucci’s Blueprint For Success In Real Estate

Making the most of his wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of how to get started making money in the real estate market, Nick Vertucci travels across the country making solutions to real estate challenges available.

Vertucci is the founder and chief executive of Nick Vertucci Companies and the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which he launched in 2013.

The NVREA creates the means to solve difficulties within the real estate investing profession. After having made millions of dollars in the market, Nick Vertucci is enthusiastic about letting others thrive as well.

The real estate investor and specialist who developed a professionally managed system that helps other investors in purchasing, rehabbing and renting bank owned properties delivers the details of his system in three steps.

According to Nick Vertucci, the first step is to locate the best deals and secure them at the best price. He gives the example of buying low and selling high.

In the second step, he recommends getting the houses ready for the flip. The third step is uncomplicated according to Vertucci, cash the checks, flip the homes and discover your fortune on

Through the workshops the academy offers a variety of tips to help get started flipping homes.

The workshops emphasize understanding where to look for money that can be applied for funding transactions at Also how to evaluate and appraise a property so you can make an educated guess as to a rehab cost quickly.

In another tip, the workshops demonstrate the skill of investing profitably part-time as well as full-time.

Networking with real estate professionals who are at the present time performing in the real estate market will also provide a wide range of information as will using Craigslist, Facebook and other social media to promote your upcoming flips.

Investing in real estate with no cash down as well as making use of other people’s money to subsidize your real estate business are also important guidelines to be learned through the workshops on

Recent workshops have taken place in Sacramento, California and Nashville, Tennessee while future workshops are scheduled to take place in Baltimore, Maryland, Fresno, California and Seattle, Washington.

Vertucci and his family live in Orange, California.

Alexandre Gama; Brazil’s Top Visionary

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur and visionary who works primarily in the communications and advertising industry. He founded the company Neogama and currently serves as both chief executive and chief compliance officers. Alexandre Gama’s company, Neogama, is one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil. He first began his career in advertising in 1982. Since then, he has won many awards and achievements, one of which includes becoming a member of the Global Creative Board, a Publicis Groupe made up of only six agency leaders from across the world.

In addition to Alexandre Gamas work in the field of advertising, he successfully immersed himself into the music industry. Gama founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar instrumental music project. This project helped construct a music label, recording studio, and YouTube channel that helps promote the best Brazilian artist in the community. His work was on exhibit in 2014 at the Brazilian Art Museum and is considered to be a display of Brazilian culture.


Fabletics: A Different Take on the Athleisure Brand

Ever since Fabletics was started in 2013 by Kate Hudson in partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group (previously JustFab Inc.) the brand has exploded. Fabletics tackles competitors by studying consumer shopping trends and paying attention to what customers are looking for. Noting the prevalence and affordability of online retailers, savvy customers take advantage of opportunities to look outside of their region for variety and affordability.



Changing shopping trends aren’t lost on Fabletics. Competing against giant online retailers like Amazon, Kate Hudson understands that staying relevant means going the extra mile to meet her customers’ expectations. While many brick and mortar stores might lose business when customers come in to try on new styles but then search online for better prices, Fabletics recognizes and avoids that trend. Fabletics retains customers by using the reverse showroom technique. They seamlessly merge their in-store and online business, creating accounts for each customer that updates their online preferences based on what they try on in a store. Fabletics avoids losing customers who try on clothes in store by offering competitively priced athletic wear online. This approach retains customers who would be lost to bigger and pricier athleisure brands.



Hudson works tirelessly to keep Fabletics relevant and relatable by continually expanding her business (Fabletics launched a men’s activewear line in 2015), and switching out inventory in order to keep the best selling products readily available. Hudson ensures the brand stays personal by displaying her own athletic wear picks on Fabletics’ website, and even releasing a commercial that included footage she shot from her iphone.



Hudson explained some tips behind her success to CNBC. She keeps an eye out for marketing opportunities, which is evident in the brand’s versatility and willingness to try new things. She also stays close to her company’s progress, always reviewing trends and cutting inventory that doesn’t sell.



Hudson also keeps pace with technology’s advantages by utilizing a brief quiz for new members to identify style. This quiz, in turn, keeps Fabletics athletic apparel relevant despite customers’ changing preferences. Not likely to lose perspective despite the constant changes in fashion, Hudson keeps inspired by her mother’s (Goldie Hawn) pursuit of philanthropy. She is confident and willing to take risks, which have obviously paid off for the successful brand.



Are you curious to see how your preferences effect Fabletics’ recommendations for you? Take the Lifestyle Quiz on Fabletics website to discover your picks.

Used Luxury Cars? Beverly Hills Auto has the Best!

A brand new BMW may seem like the route to go, but a used BMW comes with some benefits. For starters, used BMW’s hold more value than a used one. If ever you may have heard the saying “Once the car leaves the lot, the value decreases), well it is the truth. The BMW 3-series line up is seen as a more valuable line up hitting the charts. Prices are more attractive than ever in this series. When looking for that BMW of choice, cash in hand is always a plus. This helps with negotiation, if cash is not available, financing is an ultimate plus with ensuring the vehicle leaves the lot with you sooner. Beverly Hills Auto Group is a leading used BMW dealership ( out of New York. They are a competitive dealership that has much to offer their customers such as warranties, financing, and is a dealership with the customer in mind.


Sam Boraie goes head to head with urban decay

Sam Boraie is the vice president of operations for Boraie Development,, one of the East Coast’s most prominent and innovative real estate development firms. Sam Boraie has long held the philosophy that the best opportunities can be found where others have irrational fears of going. This has led to some spectacular successes over the years. But it has also ensured a steady chorus of naysayers who view the firm’s more daring projects as exercises in futility at best, insanity at worst.

Teaching the critics a lesson

But none of this has ever bothered Sam Boraie in the least. His firm’s track record of almost single-handedly transforming New Brunswick, New Jersey from a hellish ghetto into a cutting-edge, luxury refuge for the hip speaks far louder than any critic’s impotent bleating.

Now, Boraie has set his sights on an even bigger challenge. In a report by PR News, he has started construction on what will be Newark, New Jersey’s first high rise building since 1962. One Riverview will be a 23-story, 311 foot postmodern monolith of steel and glass. The structure will make heavy use of the existing structure on the site, a 1920s malting factory that’s a pristine example of that era’s industrial Art-Deco architectural style. Make no mistake, One Riverview will be a world-class luxury residential tower that would be right at home on the Upper East Side, Miami Beach or the San Francisco waterfront.

The project has left many observers scratching their heads and many more questioning how anyone could make such a risky bet. Normally, such people would have a strong point. But Sam Boraie is one of the few developers in the country who has the track record and expertise to prove that these types of projects can not only turn out to be profitable for the owners, but they can ultimately transform entire cities.

And Boraie is not to be underestimated. Always coy, he’s not one to reveal that he’s thinking 10 moves ahead or even that he’s engaged in a chess match at all. But given other Boraie Developments, it’s very safe to assume that One Riverview, far from being Boraie’s end game in Newark, is only his opening move.

For moreinfo, check out Sam Boraie’s crunchbase page.


Securus Technologies Believes Popular Feedback Is Worth More Than Any Award

Securus Technologies is flattered with all the positive feedback it has received last month. No other organization in history has received feedback like Securus. However, Securus recently stated that it is not looking for an award. Though the company has won several awards in the past, Securus Technologies is happy that inmates and prison officials find their products useful and user-friendly.


Securus Technologies believe the positive feedback they have received is worth more than any award they could ever win. Some of this feedback includes how detectives are using Securus products to track down criminals, how police officers are locating outside callers who have a caller I.D. address that reads unknown, and how harmful inmates who work for the jail are being pulled away from their jobs.


Securus Technologies has even created a customer service branch solely for feedback. A live person is available 24/7, or people can choose to leave a voice message or email. Every piece of feedback will be taken into consideration. Securus Technologies created this customer service branch to let all people know how serious Securus takes feedback. Securus is open to new ideas from the general public, prison workers, and even inmates. Every individual who leaves feedback will be treated with the same high standard service.


The Lung Institute Is Saving The Lives Of Regular Folks

The Lung Institute is a dedicated healthcare provider offering top shelf lung disease treatment. They are one of the few providers available with the cutting edge stem cell treatment. According to Cedars-Sinai experts, their process is internationally recognized as a viable treatment, and the procedures are typically non-invasive.

Using their world-class facilities, they implant stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to restore damaged lung tissue. The majority of their patients end up with fully functioning lungs with an ease of breath.

Representatives from the Lung Institute recently showed off their stuff at the International Congress in Italy. This convention was specifically dedicated towards the presentation of stem cell treatments.

Dr. Coleman was involved in the event, explaining how the process of evaluation and treatment is changing. He also exclaimed that the current methods of lung treatment is old fashioned and hinders scientific progress. The traditional means of treatment also harms people unnecessarily.

It is no secret that many of the top biotechnology companies are funding stem cell research for the Lung Since society as a whole is breaking through the morals of this procedure, funding is becoming more viable to obtain.

Dr. Coleman is also adamant of the fact that caregivers have the sole responsibility of the wellbeing of patients. Many of the costs of research is passed on to the consumers, so many doctors may choose to use or abuse this position of authority.

There are so many positive testimonials of their treatments, it is no joke. The institute is revitalizing patients so that they can resume with their favorite physical activities.

Herbert K. is the unofficial spokesperson and satisfied customer of the company. His COPD ( used to be overwhelming until he started stem cell treatments. Within only a couple months of treatment, his pulmonary function test had resulted in increased lung functionality.

Jason Hope: Arizona Based Philanthropist And Futurist

Jason Halpern

Jason Hope is an American entrepreneur with multiple investments in businesses that are dependent on computer information systems and other technologies. He is also an active philanthropist, currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason with Colleague

He began his undergraduate training at the Arizona State University, where he received a B.Sc degree in Finance and Economics. Jason Hope then proceeded to earn an MBA in Business from the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business.

Owing to his forward- thinking tendencies that are focused on generating research on how technological advancements can be used to enhance the quality of human life, Jason Hope has been labeled as the ultimate definition of a futurist.

Jason Halpern: In Business Forum

In 2004, he started Mobile Technology, a firm that is committed to using technology to create an innovative and progressive future.

In his philanthropic activities, he mainly concerns himself with how to come up with ways in which human beings can achieve long, productive, and healthy lives.

Jason Halpern with Milana Makeeva

To this effect, he offers support to SENS Research Foundation, a research body that focuses on anti-aging technologies. This is done through working on discovering preventive medicines, as opposed to developing cures for diseases that cause rapid aging and body degeneration.

Property Dreams of Jason

Together with this foundation, Jason Hope is not afraid to stand up to the modern schools of thought affecting scientific and medical research.

He also forwards the possibility of the Internet of Things (IoT) heavily influencing future modern societies.

IoT is a technology that is dependent on the interconnection of computing devices using the Internet. This technology is embedded in daily mundane processes such as infrastructure management, environmental monitoring, energy management, building and home automation, as well as medicine and healthcare.

Jason: Father and Husband


It allows the use of mobile networks for consumer based devices and satellite technology for business devices.

Jason Hope uses his knowledge and in-depth comprehension of the technology to make future forecasts in the industries affected by it. He invests in individuals who are ready and willing to capitalize on these opportunities in technology and business.

Getting The Most Out of a Social Security Plan

Through a survey conducted by National Wide Retirement Financial Institute, whose members are mostly the retired and those who are ten years away from retirement, most financial advisers don’t talk about social security to their clients. In the survey, it also showed that four out of five people were willing to change their financial advisers if they were not talking about social security on Vimeo.

According to David Giertz, most financial advisers tend to avoid the topic of social security, as it’s seen as a wide complex topic which is based on numerous rules. This was seen to have a negative effect to the advisers, as clients were seen to move to advisers who were concerned about social security plans. This means that financial advisers may require to equip themselves on the issue. In the survey on, they also found out that those who turn on to social security so early may lose up to $300,000 for a period of more than twenty-five years, which translates to one thousand dollars a month, thus the need to optimize on the social security plan.

Having an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University, David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, (NFS Distributors Inc). His responsibilities range from wholesale strategy and distribution of retirement plans in the private sector, specialty markets, life insurance, annuities and mutual funds through banks as well as independent dealers and regional firms at

Having an experience of more than three decades in the financial service industry, David Giertz has been involved with various organizations. He has previously held position on the board of Trustees with Millikin University and currently holds a position as an arbitrator with FINRA. Mr. Giertz has as well served as President, Senior Vice President and Director for several other Nationwide companies.

How To Buy Investment Grade Wine Through UKV PLC

United Kingdom Vinters, commonly known as UKV PLC, is a company that offers its clients a way to purchase high-end wines and champagnes for either consumption or as an investment. The team at UKV PLC is made up of a group of long-time fine wine consultants who can lead the client through all the choices that are available to them.

The company, which is privately held, is run as an independent entity and as such has a broad array of suppliers throughout Europe. As an independent company they are able to source wine that their competitors don’t have access to.

There are multiple ways to consult with one of UKV PLC’s wine consultants. The company, while based in Croydon, Surrey, has a trading floor that it operates in London. The wine consultants are also able to meet clients at their home if that is more convenient, or even at their business. They also offer the ability for clients to sell their wine at their London trading floor as they offer a brokerage service for investment grade wines and champagnes.

UKV PLC is able to supply the most exclusive labels from France, Spain, and Italy. The types of wine that they can offer for sale are Italian, Burgundy, Spanish, Bordeaux, as well as Champagnes. Their investment grade wines include a bottle of Lafite Rothschild 1982 for £37,500.00, a Margaux 2009 for £7,200.00, and a Dom Perignon 2004 which they offer for sale at £1,475.00.

UKV PLC maintains an active social media presence that is filled with tips and articles about wine and champagne. The company’s Facebook page is updated daily and one of their recent articles explained how to collect wine and the mistakes to avoid. Another recent article introduced Spain’s most expensive wine which was just released at a cost of €2,000 per bottle.