The Midas Legacy Experts Gaining Ground

The Midas Legacy, located in Winter Garden, Florida, helps investors and entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals. Along with this, they help people to attain their overall life goals when it comes to health, happiness, and self-actualization. With a focus on the complete package of life, The Midas Legacy looks at people’s futures.

One strength of The Midas Legacy is helping clients learn how to develop disciplines in various aspects of their lives. They also provide resources for people to work towards a greater life. They employ experts to help mentor their clients.

Helping their clients uncover an efficient plan and procedure for creating success in their lives is the goal of their business, staying by a client’s side until the job is complete.

The Midas Legacy is gaining a lot of ground due to the investors that help with financial planning and improved living. They are focused on wealth management, which interests a lot of different people, because it is a common struggle.

One great thing about The Midas Legacy is their rate of growth. Doing all of their research themselves, they provide clients with proprietary information. People anticipating retirement can count on The Midas Legacy to figure out where their investments should be, and what they should avoid.

While many people believe that wealth should be put into stocks, The Midas Legacy shows its clients that diversity is key. The firm begins its journey to make clients successful during the first visit. New members of the organization are able to get help from experts in various fields, including successful authors, investors, tycoon entrepreneurs, and other industry professionals. The specialists all work together with a common goal of making sure their clients attain the success they need.

The Midas Legacy donates towards various charities, including the Florida Sheriffs Association, The Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Salvation Army, The Wounded Warrior Project, and The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Sean Bower, one of the experts at The Midas Legacy, warns his investors about their retirement savings and their potential for loss. Bower has written several articles featured in The Wall Street Informer about the impact of interest rates on insurance companies and international economies.

Bower cautions his clients to take alternatives into consideration while trying to avoid retirement losses. Interest rates can quickly change, which can dramatically affect one’s portfolio. When the Federal Reserve plays games with interest rates, it cause consequences over time. This eventually forces insurance companies to make decisions that may be risky in order to maintain a high profit.

Magnises Is A Huge Hit And Growing Fast

Magnises is the new trend among millennials and is spreading like wildfire in major east coast markets. The concept is simple and easy to use, as up-and-coming young professionals and business owners use it to gain access to special deals and privileges.

Founded by Billy McFarland, the CEO, the company offers the Black Card, where for an annual fee, the user has access to all kinds of posh restaurants, clubs, bars and events for great discounts. There are no limits to its use and no restrictions, as an individual’s information from regular cards is transferred onto the Black Card, which is then used for the discounts.

McFarland, who started his first business as a 13-year-old attended Bucknell University, where as a freshman he started a company called Spling, which changed URLs into graphical mosaics to be used on virtual bulletin boards. He still heads that company as its CEO and clients include Discovery and Universal.

In 2013 Magnises was formed, and under McFarland’s guidance has amassed over 10,000 members who enthusiastically use and spread the word. Not only is the card a good deal, but the concept has almost become a cult movement where millennials can become a part of something new and trendy.

McFarland is the epitome of youth and success, as evidenced by the results. The company has already garnered over $3 million in venture capital, and expansion plans are in the works. Currently located in New York City and Washington DC, expansion to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and London.

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Proving that the old Napolean Hill concept of finding the need and filling it is actually true, Magnises has caught on in a big way. The Black Card is a very appealing concept to the millennial crowd as it is community-based and very technologically savvy. Businesses in the food, entertainment, and travel industries are catching on to the fact that millennials have a good bit of money to spend, and that this is a great way to cash in on their whims and desires.

Some of the events are very promotional in nature, such as a recent arrangement by Tesla who sponsored a trip to a New Jersey racetrack to showboat some of their cars in action. Another company sponsored a cruise in the New York Harbor, booze included, along with snacks and a good time.

McFarland says that these types of events are crucial along with the more formal liaisons which include most of the trendy restaurants and clubs in a community. McFarland says that he and his staff are very selective about the particular brands with whom they decide to align themselves. The objective of Magnises is to create a network of brands that can be trusted to always deliver a quality result for members.

The formula seems to function quite well as Magnises is now being referred to as a branded name which is a “must have” in the minds and actions of the millennials on Instagram. A mobile app is available which instantly finds and identifies the good deals which are available. The model works well, and McFarland is not about to change a thing. And why should he change anything? From this point, the future looks bright and more success will surely follow.

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Help from the Pros of Madison Street Capital

Many people struggle when it comes to their investment options and this is why it is imperative that you work with a professional Investment Banking team who can help you out every step of the way. One of the most important things you can do is to hire a company like this so that they can take on any and all of your own investment needs and get you to a place where you feel confident in your financial standing. One of the best companies out there when it comes to Investment Banking is known as Madison Street Capital. The Madison Street Capital reputation out there is one of the best that you will find when it comes to Investment Banking firms all across the world.

What this amazing company is able to do for you is to work diligently to help you get the investment options that you require. They can work with both businesses as well as individuals who simply want to make better quality Investments, so it is important that you consider this company for yourself if you have struggled in the past with investing and have lost a lot of money because of this. It is very important that you consider this as an option if you have had nothing but bad results from your past Investments. This can be easy for you to get done because of the fact that it is important for you to work with a team of experts like the ones you will find with Madison Street Capital.

In order for you to begin working with this amazing team, you are going to want to contact them and get them working with you on a routine basis. They will be able to take on any and all of your business investment options so that this is something you no longer have to deal with or worry about on your own. Not only does this save you a ton of time on your own part, but you are also going to find that this is beneficial because of the fact that you are making wiser investment decisions with the help of professionals working for Madison Street Capital.

There are great things that can come with working with a company like this and this is why so many businesses as well as families are choosing to make use of an investment banking firm they can trust. While there are so many other types of investment banking firms out there, it is important that you use a company like Madison Street Capital because of the fact that they have been in business for quite some time and have the skills and knowledge behind them to get the work done in a more professional manner so that you can finally make money off of your Investments and feel confident in what you are doing with them.

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The Entrepreneurship Undertakings of Malini Saba and her Accomplishments.

People from various parts of the world often move to the United States to look for better lives. Most of them accomplish their goals and often have a success story. One of these individuals is Malini Saba whose hometown is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When she first left home, Saba moved to Australia where she stayed for a few years before moving to the U.S at the age of 19 years. During that time, Malini only had 200 dollars and was accompanied by her former husband who was going to study at the Standford University. Her husband rented a low-cost apartment that was close to the university, and they both lived there. Saba wanted to attend the institution so that she could also gain more knowledge, but she wasn’t able to enroll since her husband was studying there. She, therefore, went to another college where she gained expertise in finance and investment.


After Malini had completed her education in college, she started looking for more skills and experience in the sector. She consulted experts who had been in the industry for a long time and also went to gigs that hosted investment bankers to mingle with them. After a while, Saba felt like she had gathered adequate information and opened her enterprises using the savings that she has made in the U.S.


Malini came from a middle-income background, but she is now one of the richest businesswomen. Her enterprises have grown, and they earn her high returns. She started an investment firm, Saban, and it is currently involved in a couple of businesses. The company has a capitalized in technology, energy, and real estate sectors in the United States, China, and Australia respectively. Besides its investments, Saba has her personal shares in companies such as PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks, and Silicon Valley.


Malini Saba is also appreciated for her active participation in philanthropy. She has been offering donations to empower women who come from destitute backgrounds through her foundation, which in known as the Stree: Global Investments in Women. She established the organization in 2001. Many women have benefited from it since it has transformed them to be significant figures in the society and role models to other people. Saba also sponsored the construction of a medical facility by donating $1 million dollars, and she promised a $10 million contribution to assist individuals who are affected by tsunamis in various regions of the world.


Online Reputation Management Steps


It is important for a business and their staff to regularly discuss online reputation management. It is good for the company and those that regularly deal with the company. It is important to make sure that the company’s public name and reputation is not tarnished by a disgruntled customer. Years of hard work and dedication to the company could easily be diminished by one negative remark that floated around social media sites or surfaced on the search engines. Fix Search Results would like to share a few tips on online reputation management because they are proven ways to diminish the effect of negative comments or press online.


Removing Negative Information

People contact Fix Search Results about negative comments about their company, and general online reputation management strategies. Negative information might surface on the top search engines like Google. Therefore, every individual that searches for that company or individual will instantly see that negative information. The fact is that the negative remarks, comments, or reviews might linger on the top search engine results for weeks, months, or even years. The first step is to take command of the situation immediately. This might require the company to hire an online reputation management company like Fix Search Results. Meanwhile, take the time to update all social media profiles. Add a lot of positive information or news about the company. Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on some of the online review sites. Visit the review sites and search for negative comments. Answer those negative comments and remarks with positive comments about the company to help push down the negative comments.


Fix Search Results

This is a very trustworthy, honest, and reliable online management team that are equipped to push down all the negative information that surfaces on the Internet concerning their client. They are a very experienced company and have worked with thousands of very satisfied clients across the country. If you want results that satisfy and push down all the negative information about your company, contact them today for consultations or a quote for their services.

Thankfully, Securus Is Connecting Inmates With Their Kids

I don’t know about you, but my heart just melts when I watch this video. There is this young father that is looking through one end of a video chat to his very young child on the other end. The kid is in one of those cute little zip up onesies that has colorful animals all over it. That little boy sitting in the onesie struggles to balance as he watches the screen where his dad’s face is playing.


Of course, the makers of the video have to play this really happy music in the background that really makes me want to cry. And even though the guy is in jail, you can hear that dad inflection in his voice. You can really hear how much he cares about his child. There really is something about a “bad boy” that cares about his child that makes for an intriguing story. Of course, this short little video is not really a story so much. You kinda have to fill in the blanks for yourself.


And that’s exactly what I did. After watching this video I got really interested in the dynamics of a family with one of the parents jail did you know 2.7 million kids across this country have a parent in jail? It’s an unbelievable number and I can’t even believe it. When I started looking up the stats it made me even more sad after watching that video. You kind of wonder what that guy was in jail for because it could be something silly. As it turns out, the United States jails a bigger share of its citizens than any other nation on the planet!


But there is something good that came from all of my searching on the subject. The people that made this video chat possible come from a company named Securus. It’s this telephone company that also does these video chats for prisoners and their families. And I’m so glad they are there because I could not imagine a life without one of my parents around. And you know what the ACLU said? They did this research and found that having a parent in jail is the same as going through the death of that parent. Could you imagine?


I’m just glad this company Securus is around to make these video chat possible and I read that they do it very easily and affordably for the families.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Britain Citizens Invest in Physical Gold After Brexit

In June 2016, Britain made a decision to leave the European Union. The vote shocked the world because it was not expected. This decision, however, has had an enormous impact on Britain and other countries in the world.

Grace Hall is a teacher in Britain. After the Brexit, Grace had to decide about the future of her finances. This is because just three days after the vote, the sterling pound and UK stocks plummeted. The investors did not expect this. Grace decided to act fast and deposited some of her life savings, approximately twenty-five thousand pounds into gold.

In a recent interview, Grace says she was worried that bank failures might start, and her savings would get swallowed up. Her husband too was in the same dilemma. If these banks fail, her children and her future would be significantly affected.

Grace is not alone in this situation. Many citizens in this country are trying to look for an alternative for their savings. The dealers in the country say that they have noted an unprecedented amount of interest in special metals such as gold. Most of the people who are interested in the metal are first time buyers who are taking advantage of the fact that precious metals such as gold are a haven when there is an economic crisis or unexpected swan like the Brexit.

Joshua Saul is the CEO of one of the biggest gold companies in the country. The company, known as Pure Gold Company is where Grace hall decided to buy and keep all her Britannia coins. According to Joshua, the number of people who have started purchasing gold is quite high, compared to the past. Joshua says that his company has realized that most of their clients are converting forty to fifty percent of their net worth into gold. Before Brexit, most investors turned small percentages between five and ten.

The US Money Reserve is an institution that issues precious metal in the United States. The company was started by several veterans in the industry who had all the experience in precious metals. These individuals worked hard to make the company one of the most successful in the country. The US Money Reserve only deals with the government issued coins, and it has grown significantly. Philip Delhi leads the company. Philip has worked in the industry for a very long time, and he has the skills required to ensure that the firm grows.

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Industry Leader In Reputation Goes Global

Status Labs has proven to be an industry leader in public relations and digital reputation management. Status Labs has created new digital service offerings and has a global impact in today’s market. With their client base being made up of many Fortune 500 companies and famous global figures they have set out to create a first class experience for their clients.

Thier main goal is to help their clients look their best online. Building a good online reputation requires a lot of hard work. Status Labs has built an effective strategy using digital marketing and PR to keep its clients looking their best. Status Labs serves over fifteen hundred clients worldwide. They have been profiled in popular publications such as the New York Times and US News & World Report along with many more. In 2016′ Status Labs ranked as one of the fastest growing companies. With many other awards given to Status Labs, it’s clear to see why they are the true leader in the industry.

Your reputation means everything especially when your company or job depends on it. Status Labs will custom tailor an effective strategy that will suit your business or personal needs. Many high-profile individuals require a spotless reputation to ensure their name and image is protected in the media’s eyes. Status Labs has a highly skilled staff of professionals that will work vigorously to ensure their client’s needs are met.

Status Labs has attended to many critical situations for their clients that were time sensitive. They understand what needs to be done and put in the right amount of man-hours to get the issue resolved. Status Labs was founded in 2011′ and still holds its promise today as it did years ago. Status Labs exists to serve you. Keep your business or personal online presence free from negative exposure. Contact them for a consultation and let them guide you or your company to ensure you have a better tomorrow and a stellar reputation.

InnovaCare Explains Medicare Advantage Programs and Physician Practice Service

InnovaCare is a leading provider of Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Programs along with physician practice services. InnovaCare Health provide quality health care that is cost-effective and sustainable and integrated with the advanced technologies of today.

The requirements for joining a Medicare Advantage Plan are that you must have both the Part A and B Medicare coverage, you have to live within the plan’s service area, and you have not been diagnosed with ESRD, End-Stage Renal Disease on However, if you do have ESRD or any other disease that requires you to have dialysis treatments or you need some form of transplant you can enroll in the SNP, Special Needs Program.

There are at least six different plans for Medicare Advantage, HOM’s, Heath Maintenance Organization, PPO’s, Preferred Provider Organizations, and PFFS, Private Fee for Service. However, you might also see Medicare Advantage Plans called SNP’s, Special Needs Plan, PSO’s, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and MSA’s, Medical Savings Accounts.

All Medicare Advantage Plans are required to limit your out-of-pocket expenses for Part A and Part B of Medicare. These plans cannot include co-pay or coinsurance that would then be more expensive than they would be with the original Medicare for services like Chemotherapy or dialysis. They are, however, allowed to have a higher share of cost for other services. You should always check the plans to see exactly how they work for the simple reason that different plans also come with different rules as to how and where you can obtain coverage. It is also possible that the same type of plans that are being offered by other companies may also have different rules.

Physicians practice services provide such services as accessing practice operations, new practice set-up, which includes the design of the new facility, and counseling on auditing service according to Rick Shinto. They offer training to the physician and their staff on healthcare topics, keeping them up to date. Help with medical coding and insurance billing is another of their services. They also see to keeping everyone apprised of the changes in Federal laws governing healthcare practice.

InnovaCare’s vision is to redefine today’s healthcare management and a strong patient-provider relationship. They are working to build models of managed care that are coordinated, sustainable and cost-effective.

The values they believe in are. the patient comes first and that quality medical care is Penelope Kokkinides‘ goal. They want to have a strong relationship as a patient-provider that will lead to healthier and a better quality of life.

Lawyer Geoff Cone Responding To The Feature Last Week Regarding Foreign Trusts

In recent news stories, the media has taken the coverage about New Zealand’s foreign trusts issues out of hand and made it seem like some crazy story made for the movies. However, there is nothing exciting about tax laws the way the news has been reporting it. It all boils down to the fact that New Zealand is not considered a tax haven. For a government to be considered a tax haven, they have to impose minimal or low taxes and keep a certain level of tax transparency. New Zealand does not happen to follow these procedures and they are not hiding some private banking industry the way the news is making it seem.

New Zealand has long demonstrated that they are a leader in tax transparency. They have shown this through how they handle their foreign trusts and how they hold strong to their requirements placed on the trustees of the foreign trusts. These requirements are in place to help assist other governments in the event they request relevant tax information about foreign trusts. When it comes to the new rules set in place, New Zealand trustees of foreign trusts are required by law to submit disclosure forms. This is a requirement set by the IRD. Trustees must also keep detailed financial records for foreign tax purposes as well. The financial records must include things such as settlements and distributions, the trust deed, details of the trustee’s assets and liabilities and any money that is received and spent. If a trustee fails to keep accurate records, there could be tax penalties and fines to be paid.

In most other countries, the person who settles a trust is required to report that settlement of funds to the revenue authorities. In New Zealand, there are 39 types of double tax agreements in use. They are set in place in order to help reduce tax fraud and evasion for cross-border trades and investments. Additionally, New Zealand also has more than 20 other tax exchange agreements with regards to tax information with other countries. These are also in place to help prevent tax evasion and avoidance. All of these tax agreements are not typical for tax havens.

New Zealand does not try to compete with tax havens. Alternately, they interact with other jurisdictions such as Britain, the US and Singapore which have their own transparent form of tax system and apply taxation principles that are similar to the ones in New Zealand. If there is concern for using foreign trusts, it may be best to direct our attention towards regulating our own trust companies and ensuring they all meet the same quality of high standards.

Geoff Cone is a well known international tax and trust attorney who resides in New Zealand. He graduated with LLB honors from the University of Otago and has been practicing law for over 18 years. He specializes his practice in wealth planning in the countries of Spain, Italy and Latin America.

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