Technology That Enhances Education

Parents and teachers have long relied on parent/teacher conferences as the ultimate way to communicate about the child’s education. These conferences are usually carried out quarterly and can feel like a lot of time passes between each one. The teacher has probably sent home notes and reports about the child’s performance, but the conference has been about face-to-face time where they can discuss the child together. ClassDojo is changing this to the extreme and in a greatly positive way. No longer do parents and teachers have to wait for this quarterly meeting to discuss the child and no longer does the parent have to feel left out of the child’s learning experience.

ClassDojo is an app that is now being used in approximately two-thirds of school all across the United States and is making it possible for parents and teachers to stay in touch throughout the school day by the teacher sending photos and videos to the parents on reports and projects the child is working on or just to pop in and show the child in their learning atmosphere. It also allows the parents and teachers to communicate by private message where other parents cannot see and opens the line of communication between parents and teachers like never before.

The child is also able to add photos and videos to their own personal portfolio in order to showcase their work for all to see. Parents can feel confident about helping their child at home with their work and knowing what areas need the most work without having to wait on parent/teacher conferences or rely on notes sent home by the teacher to do so. This help provide the child with an education that is carried over from the school into the home on the same day and reinforces their learning experience.

Class Dojo also has a calendar of events where teachers and administration from the school can add any information about events coming up in the future so that the parent will not miss out on anything. This is another ideal way to ensure that all messages are received and parents can make the proper arrangements in advance.

When it comes to a child’s education having everyone on the same page only enhances their learning experience and this app can certainly help provide that with ease. Technology has advanced to the point parents and teachers can reach out to each other just by text and that can only improve the child’s education.

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Knows What It Takes To Stay Competitive In The Ski Industry

Skiing is a wealthy sport. Die-hard skiers travel all over North America to ski, and they spend tons of money while they ski down slopes filled with tons of snow. The main attraction for these never-say-quit skiers are the resorts that offer not only challenging slopes but first class accommodations.

A ski trip is usually a vacation trip, and if you have enough money to buy the gear and clothes to ski, you want to stay in a resort that is known for pampering its guests. No one knows that better than Andy Wirth, the chairman of the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe.

According to KCWR, Andy Wirth has been in the ski business long enough to know that just hosting the Olympics in 1960 is not enough credibility to attract this new generation of skiers to his resort. That’s why Andy Wirth has been pushing the redevelopment of Squaw Valley. The redevelopment project is a 25-year project that will add 1,500 bedrooms, and an assortment of resort and retail amenities. The project has already been approved by the Placer County Planning Commission.

Wirth is known for his tenacity as well as his love for skiing, the resort business, and outdoor activities. Wirth is feeling the pressure of Vail Resorts buying British Columbia’s famous resort Whistler/ Blackcomb recently. Colorado and Canada are fierce competitors when it comes to attracting modern-day ski buffs.

A $70 million renovation of the property in 2010 helped business, according to Wirth, but since then traffic has gotten worse even though the number of true skiers has declined. The skiers that can afford to spend the big bucks are booking ski trips in other resorts, and Wirth wants them back in Squaw Valley.

If Wirth gets his way, and the project is approved, Squaw Valley will add a mountain adventure center that includes a water slide, several pools and climbing walls. Wirth also wants to add a shipping center and hire another 300 people.

But Wirth knows how to get things done. He spent 20 years working in Colorado. He learned how to attract more skiers to the slopes, especially the skiers that spend a lot of money.

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SEC Whistleblower Attorneys Are Using The Dodd-Frank Act To Protect Whistleblowers

In 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted by congress. This enactment is considered an overhaul of the financial regulations in the United States since the Great Depression.

One of the many reforms that was established by the Dodd-Frank Act is a new whistleblower program. Through the program, whistleblowers can be provided with significant financial incentives and employment protections. This way, they can report violations made by an individual on the federal securities laws. The report is made to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Responding to the historic legislation, different firms started looking for ways of protecting SEC whistleblowers. Lubaton Sucharow became the first law firm in the United States to devise a practice and program that exclusively focuses on protecting and supporting SEC whistleblowers. The firm has been building on its leading securities litigation platform. To this end, its whistleblower Representation Practice is enhanced through in-house financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants. These professionals have expansive experience on federal and state law that is necessary to provide unrivaled representation for whistleblowers.

Jordan A. Thomas is the brain behind the practice. He is the former assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director at SEC’s division of enforcement.  Under the program, an eligible whistleblower is entitled between 10% and 30% of the collected monetary sanctions by the SEC. This percentage is based on the successful action against a sanction exceeding $1 million. If this threshold is met, a whistleblower is able to receive additional awards that are calculated based on the monetary sanctions collected in relation to the actions reported by different law enforcement and regulatory organizations.

Employers are prohibited by the Dodd-Frank Act from retaliating against whistleblowers that, pursuant to the program rules, report to the SEC. Through an attorney, SEC whistleblowers can anonymously report possible security violations. Courtesy of the attorney-client privilege, information about whistleblowers remains confidential and protected. International whistleblowers have access to translation services.

All case evaluations are confidential and free. After answering various questions, whistleblower attorneys are able to start evaluating whether there was a violation of the federal securities laws. In the initial consultation, whistleblowers are discouraged from providing their personal information that may reveal their identity. In addition, they should not reveal the names of the security violators.

Lovaganza Global Celebration Announcement

Lovaganza is an adventure-inspired celebration, which celebrates the uniqueness of all cultures of the world with groundbreaking music entertainment from exhibitions, immersive attractions to motion pictures. Lovaganza is gearing towards its international celebration, which is scheduled to happen in May, September 2020 in eight different flagship locations around the world simultaneously. The Lovaganza Entertainment is inspired by every nation’s past, present and future. The global celebrations will showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of all cultures of the world through bedazzling entertainment.

The original scheduling for the Lovaganza global entertainment was 2015 but had to push to 2020. The pushing forward was to incorporate new nouveau concepts and make better utilization of the emerging current technologies in the entertainment sectors. Besides, the entertainment franchise on wants to help people better realize the experience of being plunged in different cultures of the world. The celebration will take four months to various locations in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. The celebration is expected to culminate in an unexampled Hands Across the World ceremony.

Several schedules will be preceding the 2020 global celebration. A Traveling Show is set to happen in 2017 with the aim of promoting the 2020 celebrations, missions as well as goals. The 2017 show will also help in the launching of the Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses-free 3D engrossing experience around the globe.  They will also be presented in 2D and standard 3D theaters. In many countries such as the US, Spain, and France, the trilogy has commenced shooting. The shooting will then resume in Africa, Asia, and the rest of the globe.

Lovaganza organizes its branding and planning protocols in two distinct systems. One of the structure is profit oriented, and it is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. This structure is aimed at providing entertainment globally to inspire the audiences of the world. It also aims at bringing wonder and appreciation to the world audiences through helping people discover all the different cultures and nations of the world. Lovaganza also runs a distinct entity that is non-profit.

The not for profit entity is known as The Lovaganza Foundation, which primarily aims at utilizing the visibility and success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to impact the world positively. The non-profit foundation also aims at supporting both global and regional initiatives everywhere in the world. The Lovaganza Foundation will expectably be officially launched in 2018 so that it can be all encompassing and compliant to the different aspects of all the nations of the world.

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Seattle Genetics Reports Second Quarter Earnings

Seattle Genetics recently concluded its second quarter financial results conference call for 2016, which was spearheaded by Peggy Pinkston, the Executive Director of Corporate Communications, and Clay B. Siegall, the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Siegall spoke directly about the efforts and progress of Seattle Genetics in developing into a global multi-product oncology company. For the second quarter of 2016, Seattle Genetics reported an impressive $95.4 million in revenue. Contributing to this major achievement is the progress with ADCETRIS and its status in clinical trials programs.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Dr. Siegall has been integral to the progress of Seattle Genetics since he co-founded the company in 1998. He has been the vision behind Seattle Genetics producing a pipeline of antibody-based cancer therapies. ADCETRIS has been one of the more promising and exciting recent developments for Seattle Genetics. It was granted accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about five years ago and has been exhibiting plenty of positive signs in clinical testing.

While there is no doubt that Dr. Siegall has been the driving force behind the technological advancements at Seattle Genetics, he has also played a vital role in the company’s remarkable fundraising efforts. Under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics generated more than $675 million in public and private financing in 2001 during its initial public offering.

Before Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, he worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for about six years. In addition, Dr. Siegall also held positions at the National Cancer Institute and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals. His wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the biotechnology industry has been essential to the widespread success of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall is extremely unique in that he is well versed in both the business and research ends of the biotechonology industry, which is no small feat. He continues to find ways for Seattle Genetics to be at the cutting edge of the industry.

George Soros is Incredibly Bearish on Gold

George Soros is returning to the world that made him famous. After a long time away from financial trading, George Soros is making a huge comeback. Based on reports in the Wall Street Journal, the amount of money Soros wishes to trade with is far from a small amount. He is interested in putting billions of dollars into the market. No, George Soros is not interested in retiring. Even after many decades, trading is part of his life. His decision to return in such a big way, however, has taken the financial media by surprise.

The asset in which George Soros is choosing to put his money is gold. Considering the current economic situations across the world, this should not come as a massive surprise. Soros had warned that a failure to properly manage the current migrant crisis under control would cause major fiscal problems in Europe. He also noted that the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union would also ferment additional economic woes. Things have not reached the point of a meltdown, but Soros feels numerous factors rippling through global economies have the potential to cause a possible meltdown. At the very least, a significant recession could emerge.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros, as CNBC reports, is doing the same thing. He is just doing it on a massively grand scale.

Soros, through Soros Fund Management, has chosen to put $30 billion in the gold market. A massive amount of gold has been purchased with this money. The $30 billion likely comes from a disinvestment from stocks and currency. While the acquisition of physical gold is heavily reflected in the purchase, another strategy is at work here.

Soros is also putting money into gold mining stocks. As the demand and value of gold increases, these stocks are likely to increase.

Over the course of the next year or two, all will be revealed in terms of whether or not Soros’ trading gamble has paid off.

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How Did Devco Help Cities In New Jersey Improve?

There are a lot of people who are going to need new places to live and new jobs in New Jersey, but it is impossible for them to turn their communities around unless they have help from a development company. The Press of Atlantic City has a story about this, and it shows that any city in New Jersey can make a major change to the way that it works. It can turn around a burned out area with the help of these loans, and then they can get these loans to build large developments or casinos. That increases tourism, and it creates a lot of jobs.

The jobs that are created in these areas by DEVCO are going to be very easy to get, and they are going to be something that people need to consider when they are really thinking over how they can change their lives. The cities are going to be able to project how much money they will make in taxes, and then they will be able to project how fast the loan can be paid back. The tax money can also be used to help improve local services. This helps everyone, and it will bring a lot of commerce to an older area of the city.

The other thing that people need to remember is that all the commerce that comes to the area follows the hotels and casinos. Other companies will turn up ready to make their own investments, and these companies are going to keep turning up because they see the potential in the community.


How Do You Outsmart Internet Trolls

Persons who use the internet to purposely damage someones reputation are known as ‘internet trolls’. It can involve posting negative or offensive comments or images, publishing personal or financial information, or loading bad reviews to bring a business or product’s ratings down. If this happens to you, then you have officially been ‘doxxed’. Welcome to the new reality…that some people find pleasure in damaging the reputations of others by using dirty digital information to bring them down.

Darius Fisher, an expert in repairing bad internet press and proactively increasing one’s positive presence on the internet, is President of Status Labs, an online reputation management and internet marketing service. In an eye-opening interview with The Daily Beast, he shared his experiences on getting doxxed; and better yet, offers plenty of help on what we all can do to avoid the same disasters from harming our personal integrity or professional business image.

Mr. Fisher’s checklist on digital hygiene includes removing online personal data, increasing your social media privacy settings, changing your password often, and frequently ‘googling’ yourself, as being standard practice to minimize the chances of being attacked. Yet, for many of us, even these can be daunting, as the internet holds so many pockets of information, in so many places.

Status Labs has worked with over 1500 companies in 35 countries offering tailored and results driven advice in crisis management, public relations strategies and effective digital marketing. In its simplest terms, Darius Fisher and his team of internet and marketing professionals go after and eliminate any damaging or incorrect digital data, replacing it with professional and targeted press releases, relevant business content, and appropriate social media posts to increase visibility and image.

The best way to avoid a crisis is to prevent it from happening in the first place. While the unfortunate reality of internet bullying is a part of the fabric of life in the 21st century, it can be minimized or eliminated. Seek the help of a service that knows the internet corners and crevices that hold personal information…information which can come back to haunt you!

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ClassDojo the App that Fosters Positive Behaviours and Culture Building

How would you teach in a dull and nagging class where all learners are sleeping? It was the same experience the teachers faced before the introduction of ClassDojo an App that develops amazing classroom culture. Teaching was a hard nut to break but with inventions of co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the students are happy thus leading to the more comfortable classroom. ClassDojo has built real skills like teamwork as they share ideas and persistence during practical.
Students love ClassDojo and anybody else who comes across the app loves it more. Timekeeping is vital, and ClassDojo saves teachers time wasted while correcting learners on their behaviors. The app works on the firm basis of fostering positive behaviors to the students as well as culture building. Teachers and parents should talk one on one matter that needs to be discussed to ensure the well-being of the kids.
Parents get instant messages that brief them privately on the performance and behavior of the learners directly from the child’s educator. Parents or guardians also enjoy seeing photos and videos made of thousand encouraging words. The app has got software that translates the send messages in up to 35 languages which parents can understand too. The animated videos contain characters which are familiar and educative to the learners, therefore, making classroom learning efficiently.
To motivate students, teachers should make ClassDojo a daily role to undertake in a school day. Consistency matters a lot when planning on how to issue homework points, regularity points as well as keeping a record of attendance. Teachers should practice democratic rights by allowing learners to vote freely on the rewards and prepare time for computer classes for the kids who don’t have computers at home. The app should focus on reinforcing good behaviors and bad behaviors set as helpful reminders, not punishments.
ClassDojo privacy is robust and protects parental consent for teachers to send complex information about student’s conduct. According to ClassDojo teachers who sign up for the kids should be vetted and certified to carry out the activity and not all teachers who download the app. If the parents are not happy with ClassDojo, they may ask the teacher or contact the company to remove the student’s data.


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Thor Halvorssen On Socialism

In a recent interview on Fox News, Thor Halvorssen discussed his issues with socialism and dictatorships. Explain the difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism under a Dictatorship style government. He feels that socialism can easily mask unscrupulous government practices by those that try to take advantage and oppressed the people. In the interview, Thor Halvorssen goes on to distinguish between the difference of Democratic Socialism and oppressive Dictatorship Socialism. Not all countries that practice socialism oppress their people but because it is so easy to mask ulterior motives using a Socialist platform. In his example he uses Venezuela. Venezuela’s socialist platform sets prices for their government which in turn creates shortages of supplies. When supplies are short, this creates a humanitarian crisis. Thor Halvorssen uses Venezuela as an example because his father was held as a political prisoner and his mother was shot and killed by Hugo chávez’s men. Even now his cousin is being held as a political prisoner. Thor’s outline said he does not oppose all socialist governments but that he opposes socialist dictatorship. Even though he does not support Democratic socialism Donated the maximum amount of funds to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that Bernie Sanders is a better qualified presidential candidate because the other candidates are taking funds from Dictatorships. So ultimately opposes dictatorships and that’s where his issue was with socialism. Thor Halvorssen Sears a president that would readily take funds from countries that abuse and oppress their fellow countrymen. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activists and does extensive humanitarian work.

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