Fabletics: A Different Take on the Athleisure Brand

Ever since Fabletics was started in 2013 by Kate Hudson in partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group (previously JustFab Inc.) the brand has exploded. Fabletics tackles competitors by studying consumer shopping trends and paying attention to what customers are looking for. Noting the prevalence and affordability of online retailers, savvy customers take advantage of opportunities to look outside of their region for variety and affordability.



Changing shopping trends aren’t lost on Fabletics. Competing against giant online retailers like Amazon, Kate Hudson understands that staying relevant means going the extra mile to meet her customers’ expectations. While many brick and mortar stores might lose business when customers come in to try on new styles but then search online for better prices, Fabletics recognizes and avoids that trend. Fabletics retains customers by using the reverse showroom technique. They seamlessly merge their in-store and online business, creating accounts for each customer that updates their online preferences based on what they try on in a store. Fabletics avoids losing customers who try on clothes in store by offering competitively priced athletic wear online. This approach retains customers who would be lost to bigger and pricier athleisure brands.



Hudson works tirelessly to keep Fabletics relevant and relatable by continually expanding her business (Fabletics launched a men’s activewear line in 2015), and switching out inventory in order to keep the best selling products readily available. Hudson ensures the brand stays personal by displaying her own athletic wear picks on Fabletics’ website, and even releasing a commercial that included footage she shot from her iphone.



Hudson explained some tips behind her success to CNBC. She keeps an eye out for marketing opportunities, which is evident in the brand’s versatility and willingness to try new things. She also stays close to her company’s progress, always reviewing trends and cutting inventory that doesn’t sell.



Hudson also keeps pace with technology’s advantages by utilizing a brief quiz for new members to identify style. This quiz, in turn, keeps Fabletics athletic apparel relevant despite customers’ changing preferences. Not likely to lose perspective despite the constant changes in fashion, Hudson keeps inspired by her mother’s (Goldie Hawn) pursuit of philanthropy. She is confident and willing to take risks, which have obviously paid off for the successful brand.



Are you curious to see how your preferences effect Fabletics’ recommendations for you? Take the Lifestyle Quiz on Fabletics website to discover your picks.