Add Style To Hair With Straight Razors From Donald Scott NYC

There are many styling tools you can use in your salon, and this includes a straight razor from Donald Scott NYC. The straight razor is no longer a tool designed for just shaving purposes. You can use this tool to create a style that is sure to appeal to your clients.


It is best to find out what type of hair works with a straight razor before adding it to your salon. You do not want to use your razor on naturally frizzy or curly hair, and you should never use it on a client who is planning to perm her hair. You can use the razor on straight, fine, medium-textured and softly curled hair.


There are several styles that can be achieved with a straight razor, especially since you can cut the hair at different angles and lengths. A straight razor is a great tool for adding texture, shape and layers to their hair.


The DS/X4 Razor and Carving Comb Fine are just two of the straight razors you can purchase from Donald Scott NYC. Use the DS/X4 Razor to trim discrete areas, such as the eyebrows or behind the ears. You can use the Carving Comb Fine to cut, shape and add texture to their hair with ease. Be sure to use the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide with your razor.


Your clients are sure to love the beautiful style that comes from a straight razor from Donald Scott NYC.