A Young Millennial-Tech-Entrepreneur, Billy McFarland i Having Tremendous Success

The Magnises is the new brainchild of tech entrepreneur Billy Mc Farland. The Magnises is the name Billy made up and gave to the black card that acts as a membership card for the members of Magnises, and makes being out on the town a breeze. It connects to exclusive parties, club openings and solves the problem of carrying cash on your person.

The Magnises is more than a black card; it is a high-quality connection card for members of the elite entertainment association with the same name. He released the memberships to three U.S. cities – NYC. Washington DC and San Francisco, and the association has been widely accepted by the millennial crowd. In 2016, there were 10,000 memberships and 80 percent of these Magnises cardholders were between the ages of 22-28.

The annual fees are $250 a year, and though it is not a financial card, it can be transferred and activated to a card that the member already has. It also connects unique apps in food establishments, fashion and other connections for this trendy, elite crowd, including five-star restaurants, entertainment perks, preferred seating for concerts or sporting events.

Trendy, accessible and classy describes this fabulous new card and national group designed by McFarland.

Billy McFarland, the Latest Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

According to Business Insider, at the age of 25, Billy McFarland is already on the pathway to becoming a leading NYC tech entrepreneur. Billy was born in New York but grew up in New Jersey. He has a gift for tech, trending, and business; he founded his first company when he was only 13. He created an outsourcing business online coordinating clients with designers.

Billy’s next business adventure drew him out of his freshman year at Bucknell University. He was more than ready to put his creative power to work, and “Spling” is a site that transforms an URL from text to graphic images online and organizes them like a mosaic.

In 2013, Billy released the Magnises for NYC, and in 2016, he released the Magnises Black Card. In the near future, he will have an app, and he plans to introduce the exclusive group in many other cities.