Kamil Idris Knows A Lot About Intellectual Property

Fortunately for entrepreneurs, governments around the world don’t allow businesspeople to rip off one another’s intellectual property, or things like inventions, art, logos, pictures, designs, and literary works. The first individuals, groups, and businesses to think of, patent or trademark, and ultimately create such works – all of which are created with the power of the human mind – typically gain some form of competitive advantage over their competitors.


While all developed nations’ governments support strong intellectual property protections – with an exception to China, for one – the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a global entity active in 191 countries around the world. WIPO, founded in 1967 by the WIPO Convention, is part of the United Nations and operates entirely using funds generated through its own, self-serving endeavors.


Professor Kamil Idris is the former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, having served the global organization from September 1997 through October 2008. Not too long ago, Venture Outsource, a digital news publication found at VentureOutsource.com, was lucky enough to have an extended conversation with Professor Idris about the WIPO, intellectual property, and how important the protections that governments and other organizations put forth for intellectual property truly are.


Kamil Idris feels that intellectual property is directly correlated to economic growth; in other words, any area’s economic value relies heavily on the quality of information and the creation of good ideas that can effectively be taken advantage of by businesses and individuals alike in such areas.


One problem that professor Kamil Idris foresees growing in the near feature is linked directly to globalization. Now that the world’s nations are continually growing closer together, more ideas are being counterfeited than ever before. Further, apprehending such poor-hearted businesspeople is more difficult today than in the past, as criminals effectively have the entire world to hide themselves and their wrongful business operations.


Who is Kamil Idris?

Professor Kamil Idris is best known for his 11-year stint as the central leader of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He was also the General of the UPOV, or the International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties. Mr. Idris holds a basket full of degrees: a doctorate in international law, a master’s in the same subject, a bachelor’s of law, and another bachelor’s degree in political science.