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Who is Marc beer? What is his legacy, and how did he become a successful business man? Marc beer is a entrepreneur and businessman who’s worked in a variety of fields such as chairman, founder and CEO. Marc beer also served as a former executive at a company by the name of Aegerion pharmaceuticals inc, a human science research facility with the goal of developing innovative therapists for people who have life threatening illnesses.

Marc beer currently co founded a company called Renovia, a company that helps women with pevic floor disorders after ending a thirty two million dollar series B This week, as well as ten million dollars in debt. The Company is developing a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic products to help treat embarrassing disorders that involve the pevic floor muscles. These disorders can include urinary incontinence and weak muscles. According to research urinary incontinence affects two hundred fifty million girls and woman across the globe. in April, Renovia’s first product, by the name of Leva was approved by the FDA.

The longwood fund, a focused investing firm that loaned money to Renovia early on when it was just getting off its feet, joined the series B round, that is guided by the Missouri-Based Ascension Ventures and the New York focused perceptive advisors. The money made will be used for testing and developing 4 new diagnostic and therapeutic devices one is a new updated version of Leva.

We are more than happy to have the support of all the healthcare investors working with us to improve the treatment and diagnosises of girls and women who are affected by pelvic floor disorders. With our new innovative and technology we will be able to educate our patients about new treatment options and lowering costs.” Says Marc beer the CEO of Renovia. Learn more:

Unfortunately, the business decided not to discuss or answer questions about its investments or line of products available. Renovia is Marc beer’s very first venture after he left Aegerion in 2015. Unfortunately his 5 year tenure at that business, that developed a rare form of high cholesterol was almost shut down by the FDA after they accused him lying about the drug’s ability, but it turned out Juxtpaid was a good treatment for heart problems. Later the government demanded Aegerion to pay 40 million dollars for impropriety marketing Juxtpaid. Now the company Aegerion is a subsidiary of Canadian biotech Novelion Therapeutics.

Beer has also worked as the strategic consultant for OvaScience also known as OVAS. Now the Waltham biotech made an announcement that it is now working with Michigan based Milledno Therapeutics.