Fabletics and Incredible Athletic Wear

What in the world is Fabletics and why are people everywhere suddenly talking about it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Chances are you don’t even have to pose that question. Fabletics, in a nutshell, is a clothing line that’s been a powerful presence in ecommerce since its creation in 2013. It’s a brand that’s ideal for fans of athletic wear. It’s optimal for fans of high-quality accessories of all kinds as well. People who are familiar with Fabletics know that it specializes in a type of apparel that’s called “athleisure.” This clothing category isn’t a mystery. It’s a clever way to refer to clothing that mixes together components of relaxation and athleticism. Fabletics, as a result, is a beloved choice among people who engage in physical activity on a frequent basis. It’s a beloved option among folks who are all about comfort and ease, too.


There are so many things that have helped Fabletics make an impact on clothing shopping since it first was introduced to the planet. Winsome actress Kate Hudson is a remarkable example. She’s one of Fabletics’ three talented and driven co-founders. The brand’s other two founders are the team of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Ressler and Goldenberg are highly familiar names among people who pay attention to entrepreneurship. They’re two detail-oriented businessman who have been instrumental in the emergence of many influential and renowned companies throughout the years. They’re part of the reason Fabletics has been doing so wonderfully in the Internet shopping world. Fabletics isn’t solely part of online shopping, though. It’s slowly but surely making its way into shopping centers in locations all throughout the United States. People who visit malls can now purchase all varieties of Fabletics offerings.


There are so many factors that make Fabletics so remarkable. This is a brand that takes a genuinely modern approach to connecting with the people who make up its vast target audience. This is a brand that strives to depend on the strength of the Internet. The employees who represent Fabletics focus on Internet reviews on a frequent basis. They stay updated on social media commentary as well. If Fabletics notices dissatisfaction in a customer review, it will take note of the situation and respond accordingly. Fabletics knows that the Internet makes an impact. It relies on the Internet in order to reach out to the “crowd.” Up-and-coming businesses that want to make impacts similar to Fabletics should follow the brand’s focus on the crowd.


Hudson has been a significant asset for the Fabletics team as well. She’s been captivating film lovers the world over since her amazing effort in “Almost Famous” in the early 2000s. Her performance in the film was so moving and intense that it actually earned her a highly desirable Academy Award nomination. Hudson cares as much about Fabletics as she does her movie career. She puts all of her love and care into the clothing line. Complete this Lifestyle quiz A.S.A.P. to get more insight about Fabletics apparel.

Kate Hudson Bringing Fabulous to Activewear

Despite having grown, within the last three years, to a 250 million dollar fashion company especially as an e-commerce company is quite tough, and this is because Amazon holds 20% of the fashion e-commerce business. As part and parcel of the activewear’s movement, Fabletics which is Kate Hudson’s brand, inscribes a subscription mechanic to be able to reach out and sell their clothing products to their clients. They have basic idea and belief that consumers opt for aspirational brands which also slightly push the buyer, this mixed with membership and convenience, an extremely powerful combination is born. Initially, brands that hold a higher value have usually been tied to service & product quality and also their price. With the current economic change sees that the combination that defines high-value brands does not currently hold enough water to make them competitive nor successful.



Fabletics has gone forth to use the tactics employed by the likes of Warby Parker and Apple, such as positioning and strategy has borne them great results. This has allowed them to avail more stores in this year which are an addition to the sixteen stores that were previously opened in California, Illinois, Florida as well as Hawaii.



Kate Hudson admits that it has been her greatest success upon co-founding Fabletics in 2013 as she managed to create a brand in an industry that is over-run by powerhouses coming from the activewear industry. Fabletics is currently one of the biggest TechStyle Fashion Group’s brands. The brand currently boasts of a 250 million dollar revenue in run rate, and its sales keep rising and as of 2016, rose to 43%. On Twitter, we see that Fabletics has a very large following which is way above 21 million followers and retail stores totaling 18 stores so far. The brand has managed to acquire the 1.2 monthly members in about eight countries. These monthly members are lucky enough to get upwards of 50% discounts on the items. The membership which begins at 49 dollars, the members are provided with a sports bra, bottoms, and top which all depends on their preference in fashion as well as how they live.



She states that she used five simple steps to help her brand acquire great recognition. These five measure for her success were identifying her market opportunities, being hands-on within her company, using big data to make better choices, getting herself inspired and believing in herself & taking risks.

Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Worth It?

There are so many fashion brands struggling to survive these days. The fashion industry has always been a difficult place to thrive, but modern shifts in the economy have made things even more difficult. To top it off, Amazon controls most of the fashion e-commerce market.

Somehow, Kate Hudson is doing the impossible. Her activewear brand, Fabletics, has grown into a $250 million business in the last three years. That’s surprising for a brand that uses a subscription mechanic to sell to customers. The company’s success stems from the subscription mechanic, allowing the brand to focus more on its customers.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of the most notable high-value brands in today’s market. The brand has the most consumer-focused business models in the industry. Everything about Fabletics focuses on last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, and exclusive designs; everything the modern consumer cares about.

After creating the most customer-focused brand, Fabletics began opening physical stores. All of Fabletic’s retail stores are strategically positioned for the best outcome. By the end of next year, Fabletics wants to add more stores to the 16 stores that are currently open in major cities across America.

Opening physical stores also has its challenges. Many companies that try to transition from the e-commerce market to local markets don’t survive. Most shoppers shop online, and they usually buy from the cheapest company or secondhand sites. The only time they visit a retail store is to browse for items they can buy online cheaper.

To combat that negative tendency, Fabletics instituted its own browsing strategy. Fabletics stores host event and other activities as a way to build relationships and get to know the local markets. That way, each store can stock its inventory with items that local members are more likely to purchase.

According to one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics is better than expected. She bought a pair of leggings and immediately noticed how comfortable they were. Her new leggings could easily rival her Lululemon Underwunders. The legging’s compression was great. The leggings are thick, holds their shape and compression, and still haven’t faded.

Her conclusion, she would recommend Fabletics to a friend. Fabletics has one of the largest varieties of styles and great pricing for its entire inventory. Anyone interested in Fabletics should definitely take the brand’s lifestyle quiz.


Fabletics: A Different Take on the Athleisure Brand

Ever since Fabletics was started in 2013 by Kate Hudson in partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group (previously JustFab Inc.) the brand has exploded. Fabletics tackles competitors by studying consumer shopping trends and paying attention to what customers are looking for. Noting the prevalence and affordability of online retailers, savvy customers take advantage of opportunities to look outside of their region for variety and affordability.



Changing shopping trends aren’t lost on Fabletics. Competing against giant online retailers like Amazon, Kate Hudson understands that staying relevant means going the extra mile to meet her customers’ expectations. While many brick and mortar stores might lose business when customers come in to try on new styles but then search online for better prices, Fabletics recognizes and avoids that trend. Fabletics retains customers by using the reverse showroom technique. They seamlessly merge their in-store and online business, creating accounts for each customer that updates their online preferences based on what they try on in a store. Fabletics avoids losing customers who try on clothes in store by offering competitively priced athletic wear online. This approach retains customers who would be lost to bigger and pricier athleisure brands.



Hudson works tirelessly to keep Fabletics relevant and relatable by continually expanding her business (Fabletics launched a men’s activewear line in 2015), and switching out inventory in order to keep the best selling products readily available. Hudson ensures the brand stays personal by displaying her own athletic wear picks on Fabletics’ website, and even releasing a commercial that included footage she shot from her iphone.



Hudson explained some tips behind her success to CNBC. She keeps an eye out for marketing opportunities, which is evident in the brand’s versatility and willingness to try new things. She also stays close to her company’s progress, always reviewing trends and cutting inventory that doesn’t sell.



Hudson also keeps pace with technology’s advantages by utilizing a brief quiz for new members to identify style. This quiz, in turn, keeps Fabletics athletic apparel relevant despite customers’ changing preferences. Not likely to lose perspective despite the constant changes in fashion, Hudson keeps inspired by her mother’s (Goldie Hawn) pursuit of philanthropy. She is confident and willing to take risks, which have obviously paid off for the successful brand.



Are you curious to see how your preferences effect Fabletics’ recommendations for you? Take the Lifestyle Quiz on Fabletics website to discover your picks.