Jason Hope: Arizona Based Philanthropist And Futurist

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Jason Hope is an American entrepreneur with multiple investments in businesses that are dependent on computer information systems and other technologies. He is also an active philanthropist, currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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He began his undergraduate training at the Arizona State University, where he received a B.Sc degree in Finance and Economics. Jason Hope then proceeded to earn an MBA in Business from the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business.

Owing to his forward- thinking tendencies that are focused on generating research on how technological advancements can be used to enhance the quality of human life, Jason Hope has been labeled as the ultimate definition of a futurist.

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In 2004, he started Mobile Technology, a firm that is committed to using technology to create an innovative and progressive future.

In his philanthropic activities, he mainly concerns himself with how to come up with ways in which human beings can achieve long, productive, and healthy lives.

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To this effect, he offers support to SENS Research Foundation, a research body that focuses on anti-aging technologies. This is done through working on discovering preventive medicines, as opposed to developing cures for diseases that cause rapid aging and body degeneration.

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Together with this foundation, Jason Hope is not afraid to stand up to the modern schools of thought affecting scientific and medical research.

He also forwards the possibility of the Internet of Things (IoT) heavily influencing future modern societies.

IoT is a technology that is dependent on the interconnection of computing devices using the Internet. This technology is embedded in daily mundane processes such as infrastructure management, environmental monitoring, energy management, building and home automation, as well as medicine and healthcare.

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It allows the use of mobile networks for consumer based devices and satellite technology for business devices.

Jason Hope uses his knowledge and in-depth comprehension of the technology to make future forecasts in the industries affected by it. He invests in individuals who are ready and willing to capitalize on these opportunities in technology and business.

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