Britain Citizens Invest in Physical Gold After Brexit

In June 2016, Britain made a decision to leave the European Union. The vote shocked the world because it was not expected. This decision, however, has had an enormous impact on Britain and other countries in the world.

Grace Hall is a teacher in Britain. After the Brexit, Grace had to decide about the future of her finances. This is because just three days after the vote, the sterling pound and UK stocks plummeted. The investors did not expect this. Grace decided to act fast and deposited some of her life savings, approximately twenty-five thousand pounds into gold.

In a recent interview, Grace says she was worried that bank failures might start, and her savings would get swallowed up. Her husband too was in the same dilemma. If these banks fail, her children and her future would be significantly affected.

Grace is not alone in this situation. Many citizens in this country are trying to look for an alternative for their savings. The dealers in the country say that they have noted an unprecedented amount of interest in special metals such as gold. Most of the people who are interested in the metal are first time buyers who are taking advantage of the fact that precious metals such as gold are a haven when there is an economic crisis or unexpected swan like the Brexit.

Joshua Saul is the CEO of one of the biggest gold companies in the country. The company, known as Pure Gold Company is where Grace hall decided to buy and keep all her Britannia coins. According to Joshua, the number of people who have started purchasing gold is quite high, compared to the past. Joshua says that his company has realized that most of their clients are converting forty to fifty percent of their net worth into gold. Before Brexit, most investors turned small percentages between five and ten.

The US Money Reserve is an institution that issues precious metal in the United States. The company was started by several veterans in the industry who had all the experience in precious metals. These individuals worked hard to make the company one of the most successful in the country. The US Money Reserve only deals with the government issued coins, and it has grown significantly. Philip Delhi leads the company. Philip has worked in the industry for a very long time, and he has the skills required to ensure that the firm grows.

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