Alexandre Gama; Brazil’s Top Visionary

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur and visionary who works primarily in the communications and advertising industry. He founded the company Neogama and currently serves as both chief executive and chief compliance officers. Alexandre Gama’s company, Neogama, is one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil. He first began his career in advertising in 1982. Since then, he has won many awards and achievements, one of which includes becoming a member of the Global Creative Board, a Publicis Groupe made up of only six agency leaders from across the world.

In addition to Alexandre Gamas work in the field of advertising, he successfully immersed himself into the music industry. Gama founded VIOLAB, a Brazilian acoustic guitar instrumental music project. This project helped construct a music label, recording studio, and YouTube channel that helps promote the best Brazilian artist in the community. His work was on exhibit in 2014 at the Brazilian Art Museum and is considered to be a display of Brazilian culture.