The Clean Up that Matters

The Squaw Valley ski resort, a well known mountain top location for vacations and entertainment, has recently received press on water source contamination. Reports reveal that due to a long and powerful rain storm that much of the drinking water had become contaminated with e coli and coliform, both of which are incredibly deadly bacteria that can cause a list of dangerous illnesses to befall those who contract them. This news has caused many potential visitors to Squaw Valley to reconsider their choices and to look elsewhere for vacation destinations. Luckily for these potential visitors on, there has been much work that Squaw Valley personnel and the local government have done to better the situation at hand.

Clean up crews have done an incredible job of cleaning and sanitizing the water found within the mountain. Through this lengthy process and quality control it would appear that a vast majority of the water has been decontaminated and is once again allowed for safe Human use. There is no longer any cases of e coli, while low traces of coliform as still found within the water sources. This does not mean that the water is completely usable by Human beings, however, and many of the restaurants found on and around the mountain are still unable to serve tap water to their guests.

The information that the matter is being contained has allowed many visitors to the ski resort to return, bringing in much needed revenue to the business so that it can continue to operate. Skiers are able to continue to visit the resort and take advantage of what it being offered to them. While the water is not completely clean at this point, there is still peace of mind on the part of patrons to the site that the company is doing everything in their power to fix the issue in a timely and reliable manner. See:

The efforts that Squaw Valley ski resort and outside personnel are placing into the clean up process is a showing of their dedication and servitude to their customers, who they understand are loyal. By providing to them examples of how they care about their personal safety and health Squaw Valley employees, and the company in general, has identified itself as a company that truly cares about its customer base on These actions will undoubtedly allow the resort to move forward in a positive light, bringing in new visitors on an annual basis in the future and increasing the prestige of the resort significantly.