Brazilian Off-Road Rally Driver, Rodrigo Terpins, Is on the Road to Becoming a National Motorsports Legend

Rodrigo Terpins is a familiar and revered name within the world of cross-country rallying, an extreme genre of motorsport that tests the skill, speed and endurance of two-person teams among all types of road conditions and weather. Rallying is irrefutably dangerous and challenging in nature, but Terpins’ talent, commitment and courage has guided his success and molded him into one of Brazil’s most respected competitors.


Now A São Paulo celebrity, Rodrigo Terpins was influenced by the business and athletic success of his father. Jack Terpins did well as a former Hebraica y Macabi basketball player, President of Latin American Jewish Council and Macabi Latin America Confederation. Following suit, Rodrigo studied business management at the University of Sail Hilaire and led a 16-year career as Operational Director of retail giant Lojas Marisa. Terpins then became Director of T5 Participacoes, a business that manages holdings for non-financial institutions. He still holds an executive seat. T5 Participacoes has been at the forefront of organizing Brazil’s most established rally events and seamlessly links Terpins’ business and athletic careers.


With his focus on business lessening over the years, it is his ever-prominent athletic career that has been Terpins’ focus as of late. He competes within the T1 prototype car class in rallies across Brazil with his brother and fellow decorated rally driver, Michel Terpins. They proudly represent their self-created Bull Sertões Rally Team while driving MEM Motorsports’ T-Rex models.


Rodrigo Terpins most recently competed in the 22nd Annual Sertões Rally with co-driver Fabricio Manchiana. Covering 2600 kilometers and two states, the pair came in third place in the T1 Prototype class and eighth overall, out of 38 initial competitors. The Sertões Rally is considered one of the largest and most revered in Brazil, making Terpins’ performance all the more impressive. It is this consistent success that allows Terpins to uphold his reputation as one of Brazil’s leading rally drivers. You can visit for more.




Rodrigo Terpins and the art of Brazilian rallying

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