The Clean Up that Matters

The Squaw Valley ski resort, a well known mountain top location for vacations and entertainment, has recently received press on water source contamination. Reports reveal that due to a long and powerful rain storm that much of the drinking water had become contaminated with e coli and coliform, both of which are incredibly deadly bacteria that can cause a list of dangerous illnesses to befall those who contract them. This news has caused many potential visitors to Squaw Valley to reconsider their choices and to look elsewhere for vacation destinations. Luckily for these potential visitors on, there has been much work that Squaw Valley personnel and the local government have done to better the situation at hand.

Clean up crews have done an incredible job of cleaning and sanitizing the water found within the mountain. Through this lengthy process and quality control it would appear that a vast majority of the water has been decontaminated and is once again allowed for safe Human use. There is no longer any cases of e coli, while low traces of coliform as still found within the water sources. This does not mean that the water is completely usable by Human beings, however, and many of the restaurants found on and around the mountain are still unable to serve tap water to their guests.

The information that the matter is being contained has allowed many visitors to the ski resort to return, bringing in much needed revenue to the business so that it can continue to operate. Skiers are able to continue to visit the resort and take advantage of what it being offered to them. While the water is not completely clean at this point, there is still peace of mind on the part of patrons to the site that the company is doing everything in their power to fix the issue in a timely and reliable manner. See:

The efforts that Squaw Valley ski resort and outside personnel are placing into the clean up process is a showing of their dedication and servitude to their customers, who they understand are loyal. By providing to them examples of how they care about their personal safety and health Squaw Valley employees, and the company in general, has identified itself as a company that truly cares about its customer base on These actions will undoubtedly allow the resort to move forward in a positive light, bringing in new visitors on an annual basis in the future and increasing the prestige of the resort significantly.

A Young Millennial-Tech-Entrepreneur, Billy McFarland i Having Tremendous Success

The Magnises is the new brainchild of tech entrepreneur Billy Mc Farland. The Magnises is the name Billy made up and gave to the black card that acts as a membership card for the members of Magnises, and makes being out on the town a breeze. It connects to exclusive parties, club openings and solves the problem of carrying cash on your person.

The Magnises is more than a black card; it is a high-quality connection card for members of the elite entertainment association with the same name. He released the memberships to three U.S. cities – NYC. Washington DC and San Francisco, and the association has been widely accepted by the millennial crowd. In 2016, there were 10,000 memberships and 80 percent of these Magnises cardholders were between the ages of 22-28.

The annual fees are $250 a year, and though it is not a financial card, it can be transferred and activated to a card that the member already has. It also connects unique apps in food establishments, fashion and other connections for this trendy, elite crowd, including five-star restaurants, entertainment perks, preferred seating for concerts or sporting events.

Trendy, accessible and classy describes this fabulous new card and national group designed by McFarland.

Billy McFarland, the Latest Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

According to Business Insider, at the age of 25, Billy McFarland is already on the pathway to becoming a leading NYC tech entrepreneur. Billy was born in New York but grew up in New Jersey. He has a gift for tech, trending, and business; he founded his first company when he was only 13. He created an outsourcing business online coordinating clients with designers.

Billy’s next business adventure drew him out of his freshman year at Bucknell University. He was more than ready to put his creative power to work, and “Spling” is a site that transforms an URL from text to graphic images online and organizes them like a mosaic.

In 2013, Billy released the Magnises for NYC, and in 2016, he released the Magnises Black Card. In the near future, he will have an app, and he plans to introduce the exclusive group in many other cities.

Former NBA Owner Takes On AIG In Heated Lawsuit

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization, in association with former NBA team owner, Bruce Levenson have recently filed for a civil action law suit against the insurance and investing conglomerate, AIG Insurance. The basis and origins of the law suit can be found with a settlement claim filed by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group.

What happened was, after filing for his claim, Mr. Ferry sought coverage by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization’s insurance company, AIG. Mr. Levenson firmly believed that AIG’s policy covered Mr. Ferry’s expenses, and he had good reason to do so given his extensive background in law from attending law school. However, AIG disagreed and refused to pay even a single penny in regards to Mr. Ferry’s claim causing AHBE and Mr. Levenson take the matter to court.

In a report by ESPN, the precise amount of the settlement is as yet undisclosed as is the specific dates for the inevitable court hearings. Given that neither Mr. Levenson nor the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group are any longer associated with the NBA, specifically the Atlanta Seahawks, the team’s current administration has declined to comment until such time as the matter has been resolved in court.



Here Are Some Of The Great FreedomPop Services Listed In A Recent Review

There will always be a FreedomPop review that analyzes their services, but not all of them are created equal and will give all the information about all the services that FreedomPop has, especially the Internet service. Since the cell phone services from FreedomPop are the most popular, the Internet services aren’t talked about as much as they should be. First off, the cell phone service offered by FreedomPop is the free service that costs nothing, the paid service costs $10.99, and the unlimited everything service costs $19.99. All plans can be used on a Sprint phone transferred over to FreedomPop or a GSM phone.


Anyone who wants to bring a GSM phone to FreedomPop must unlock it from its original network first, and they still will need to get a FreedomPop sim card to get the phone to work on the service. To take the guesswork out of bringing the phone to the FreedomPop service, one can always choose to purchase a cell phone from the FreedomPop website, which is guaranteed to work with FreedomPop services. Those with a Sprint smartphone are also welcome to bring it to FreedomPop as well, and even some of the older Sprint phones will work on the FreedomPop network.


The Internet service offered by FreedomPop is one of the best services they offer, especially since they offer free Internet service. The two ways that FreedomPop offers free Internet service is through their FreedomPop Hub, which is for home Internet service, or they offer free service through their FreedomPop portable hotspots. The home Internet will get 1 GB of free data each month, and similar to any other plan that FreedomPop has, customers can always earn more data from FreedomPop for their Internet service if they don’t want to pay additional money on a plan for more data.


There are several plans to choose from for the home Internet service as well as the portable hotspots. The portable hotspots require a refundable down payment, and once the equipment is shipped out, the user can set it up and will receive 500 MB of data monthly. There are also plans to choose from for the portable hotspots to get additional data each month, outside of getting the free service. Earning extra data for the hotspot can also be obtained by completing any one of the offers that FreedomPop has available for all of their customers.