ClassDojo the App that Fosters Positive Behaviours and Culture Building

How would you teach in a dull and nagging class where all learners are sleeping? It was the same experience the teachers faced before the introduction of ClassDojo an App that develops amazing classroom culture. Teaching was a hard nut to break but with inventions of co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the students are happy thus leading to the more comfortable classroom. ClassDojo has built real skills like teamwork as they share ideas and persistence during practical.
Students love ClassDojo and anybody else who comes across the app loves it more. Timekeeping is vital, and ClassDojo saves teachers time wasted while correcting learners on their behaviors. The app works on the firm basis of fostering positive behaviors to the students as well as culture building. Teachers and parents should talk one on one matter that needs to be discussed to ensure the well-being of the kids.
Parents get instant messages that brief them privately on the performance and behavior of the learners directly from the child’s educator. Parents or guardians also enjoy seeing photos and videos made of thousand encouraging words. The app has got software that translates the send messages in up to 35 languages which parents can understand too. The animated videos contain characters which are familiar and educative to the learners, therefore, making classroom learning efficiently.
To motivate students, teachers should make ClassDojo a daily role to undertake in a school day. Consistency matters a lot when planning on how to issue homework points, regularity points as well as keeping a record of attendance. Teachers should practice democratic rights by allowing learners to vote freely on the rewards and prepare time for computer classes for the kids who don’t have computers at home. The app should focus on reinforcing good behaviors and bad behaviors set as helpful reminders, not punishments.
ClassDojo privacy is robust and protects parental consent for teachers to send complex information about student’s conduct. According to ClassDojo teachers who sign up for the kids should be vetted and certified to carry out the activity and not all teachers who download the app. If the parents are not happy with ClassDojo, they may ask the teacher or contact the company to remove the student’s data.


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Thor Halvorssen On Socialism

In a recent interview on Fox News, Thor Halvorssen discussed his issues with socialism and dictatorships. Explain the difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism under a Dictatorship style government. He feels that socialism can easily mask unscrupulous government practices by those that try to take advantage and oppressed the people. In the interview, Thor Halvorssen goes on to distinguish between the difference of Democratic Socialism and oppressive Dictatorship Socialism. Not all countries that practice socialism oppress their people but because it is so easy to mask ulterior motives using a Socialist platform. In his example he uses Venezuela. Venezuela’s socialist platform sets prices for their government which in turn creates shortages of supplies. When supplies are short, this creates a humanitarian crisis. Thor Halvorssen uses Venezuela as an example because his father was held as a political prisoner and his mother was shot and killed by Hugo chávez’s men. Even now his cousin is being held as a political prisoner. Thor’s outline said he does not oppose all socialist governments but that he opposes socialist dictatorship. Even though he does not support Democratic socialism Donated the maximum amount of funds to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that Bernie Sanders is a better qualified presidential candidate because the other candidates are taking funds from Dictatorships. So ultimately opposes dictatorships and that’s where his issue was with socialism. Thor Halvorssen Sears a president that would readily take funds from countries that abuse and oppress their fellow countrymen. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activists and does extensive humanitarian work.

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